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Cron integrates with conferencing providers like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and many more. There are three types of conferencing integrations in Cron:

  1. Default integrations: Conferencing that come by default with your calendar provider. Currently Google Meet with Google Calendar. See: Use Google Meet in Cron

  2. Connected integrations: Conferencing that lets you log in to generate new links from Cron. **** Currently Zoom accounts. See Connect Zoom to Cron

  3. Custom integrations: Conferencing that gives you a personal link to share with participants. Cron users can easily add their custom conferencing links in Cron Settings > Integrations > Conferencing > Conferencing providers > Add custom link. Give the new integration a name and paste your stable conferencing link. Example: Name: BlueJeans Link: https://bluejeans.com/106614657/0490 This new provider now shows up in the conferencing dropdown when creating events etc.

Any stable links work, but additionally, Cron detects popular services. Currently: - Around - BlueJeans - Doxy.me - Google Duo - Microsoft Teams

    πŸ’‘ Cron detects Microsoft Teams links but [Teams doesn’t offer stable links](<https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams/create-permanent-video-meeting-link-in-microsoft-teams/m-p/1214645>) to add.
    We are working on a tier #2 connected integration for Teams.
- [Skype](<https://www.skype.com/>)
- [Vowel](<https://www.vowel.com/>)
- [Webex](<https://www.webex.com/>)
- [Whereby](<https://whereby.com/>)

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